Martina Miradoli 

Owner and Head Trainer


Martina is a Border Collie specialist, owning the

breed since 2005 and having trained her Border

Collies through every sport possible.

Martina also love Competitive FCI/European Obedience

and it's trying to start this sport in the UK.

Martina Miradoli started working with dog in 2009, when

she started her career as dog walker, while

studying dog behaviour, and competing with her own dogs

both at Obedience and Agility and Sheepdog Trials.


Martina started Rolling Paws Dog Training in April 2016 after moving

to Cheshire from Devon and started working for Dogs Country Club where

she was Chief Dog trainer and helped opening and developing the Training School.

Dogs Country Club was the biggest dog facility in the North West, that has now closed because of selling the property to the HS2 that is going to be built on the venue. 

At Dogs Country Club she was teaching Kennel Club Good Citizen up to Gold level, fun agility classes, Reactive Dogs Scheme through workshops, classes and One to One.​

At the same time she Martina was running Rolling Paws Dog Training in her venue near Middlewich, teaching Agility, competitive Obedience, workshops on reactivity and impulse control, running camps and clinics with international and British trainers.

In 2014 she moved to the U.K. and worked as full time trainer at Devon Dogs, she trained an array of classes at all levels for pet dogs and competitive Obedience and Agility level. She delivered various seminars and workshops on specific issues aimed at the dog owners as well as professionals.

In 2020 Martina has achieved the title of 

Certified Control Unleashed Instructors 

from Leslie McDevitt CU program


and Canine Hoopers World Instructor certification.

Martina Miradoli is a member at CSEN ‘National Educational Sport Center and fully qualified Dog Trainer for CSEN; accredited Instructor by Alexa Capra Gentle Team behavior specialist, LLAAI Level 4 Instructor (Lauren Langman Accredited Agility Instructor Course) and Competitive Obedience trainer; qualified dog trainer by M&M Dog Trainer in Italy under the CSEN CONI.



Martina competed in Italy under the FCI rules 'Federation Cynologique Internationale' in both Obedience and Agility since 2009 and is now competing in Kennel Club agility as well as training for UK competitive Obedience and ISDS trials.

Martina has been trained by international professionals from variety of backgrounds - Irene Unkauf, Nicola Giraudi, John Ekloff, Heidi Billkvam, Anna Maria Cini, Jane Elaine Christensen, Zeljko Gora, Lauren Langman, Key Allen,Louise Wilson from Conservation k9 Consultancy, Maria . Martina attended online courses and academy including Lauran Langman and Tom Mitchell's Absolute Dogs, Susan Garret's H360 and Jakko and Janita's One mind Dog and competes with her dogs on regular basis.

Martina is now studying for A Dip CBM,  Level 5 diploma in Advanced Canine Behaviour Managment with Compass Education.
Before starting to work with dogs in 2009 as dog walker and the start the same year a course to become a dog trainer, Martina was working with horses.
Martina is Assistant Instructor for the British Horse Society. She took her exames in 2008 when she spent nine month in England working with horses on an Event and hunting yard.

Teaching skills

  • Pet Obedience and life skills

  • Puppy obedience

  • Behaviours problems and behaviours modification; dealing with reactivity, fear,over excitment and frustration

  • Dog body language, Ethograms of the behaviours (Alexa Capra Ethograms studies)

  • Sport foundation

  • FCI Competitive Obedience 

  • Basic Scentwork training, detection training

  • Agility

  • Tricks Training

  • Rally obedience

Martina is taking online students from different part of the World as well as face to face students in Cheshire using two venues one in Middlewich and one in Winsford. 

Other areas she can occasionally cover: Staffordshire, North Wales, Lancashire, Shropshire, Greater Manchester, Liverpool, Wirral.