We have previously attended a group class with Martina for reactive dogs which is why we decided to contact her on a 1:1 basis. 


We were struggling with our collie-German shepherd cross 3 year old dog who was reactive to bikes, runners, people without dogs and he was generally becoming a real handful. We undertook an 8 week training course with Martina which was mainly over zoom and the phone due to Covid restrictions. 


Each week we were given 'homework' tasks and sent videos over for feedback. The tasks eventually turned into useful skills and tricks to help manage Trevor when we are out and about. 


We have to say we are so so impressed with the amount of progress with our dog and our overall experience with Martina. We found that her knowledge, support and advice has turned our Trevor into a much calmer and happier dog all round and we are so happy!

Her lessons have taught us to understand why Trevor was so nervous and we now have lots of different tools and skills to help us manage his behaviour in the future. In fact he has not had even one reaction in weeks! 


We highly recommend Martina, especially for owners with nervous reactive dogs who are struggling!


Thank you Martina!

Catherine & John Charnley & Trevor


“We came to Martina as first time puppy owners looking for any guidance

on generally developing Eric’s home life, routine and behaviours.


Before we teamed up with Martina, Eric was not in a routine

with his eating, was waking up extremely early in the nights

and his toilet training was a slow process. Martina gave us

solutions to these general issues straight away and tips

on how this could improve which helped us massively

and then meant we could move on too some behavioural



Eric was slightly nervous around cars and moving objects

(bikes,runners etc) which was making walking him difficult

but with Martina’s help and techniques we can now confidently

go on walks and have the knowledge of how to tackle different 

scenarios and Eric has improved massively!



This as well as being able to recall him, calming him down when we have visitors and generally having more ideas of solutions means we are more then happy with what we did with Martina and can’t wait to join a class in the future to further develop Eric’s socialisation skills. 


Josh and Ella

I really want to say how glad I am that I took the plunge and enlisted Martina's help.

Tom and Poppy are gorgeous BUT...Poppy known as the terrorist was twelve last week and she barks crazily ,cannot settle and doesn’t get on with other dogs.

Tom blue-eyed ecodog hates people and dogs is scared of everything and he is nine.


I had tried plenty of different approaches frequently being told -you can’t stop a dog barking ‘issues ingrained dogs too old. I

Wow! all I can say is it is amazing we can walk amongst other dogs and people-even coming across them suddenly.

They will walk past the houses near where dogs rush out at full pelt looking then deciding to walk on.

We have a sense of calmness in the house and even when playing on the beach or on the rockface.

It has been a lot of hard work but she builds your confidence and has given me strategies to go forward with . Of course there are bad days but I can cope and we are much happier.



Eli, Cane corso

We decided to work with Martina as we were struggling with Eli’s reactivity. He is a rescue boy and was terrified of everything and everyone! In the 8 weeks with Martina, Eli has come such a long way. He would lunge and bark from across a field at any person or dog he saw in the first week, but in our last session we were able to walk calmly alongside Martina and her dog Jock.


Her advice on how to introduce him to visitors has been particularly brilliant. Before, he followed any guests around barking non-stop, but now with a little patience he can accept visitors and even cuddles from them.


We still have a long way to go to conquer Eli’s fears but Martina’s advice has definitely helped us understand how to deal with situations and keep Eli calm.


Thank you very much Martina!


Megan, Adrienne & Eli