Puppy Training

When it comes to puppy training we offer different services to cover each individual needs and also to make sure that puppies get exactly what they need to grow up into being the best dog they can!

Puppy Pocket Guide, 3 months Training Support

It is hard to navigate all the information that you find out there about how to train your puppy and what is the best path to follow, classes or personal 1-to-1 training?

We believe that there is no straight answer, puppies will benefit from both but it's your personal needs and sometimes the puppy own temperament that will help making the decision:

  • If you are looking to personalise your training program, teaching specific tasks and having a helping professional hand around yours and your puppy own environment

  • If your puppy is proofing challenging to handle and keep under control, if it's a breed that will need more attention during the training process

  • If you need flexible training days as you cannot commit to a fixed time and day

  • if you value personal coaching 

One to One Support is what you need.


Our Puppy Pocket Guide Includes

  • An initial discovery call, a 20 minutes consultation to introduce each other and have a chat about your puppy, goals and dreams and book you in for you Consultation

  • A 90 minutes consultation face to face or online, where we will explain everything you need to know about puppy training, how dogs learn, what are the techniques and useful training tools needed for a successful learning journey

  • An email report 72 hours after, with everything we discussed, pdf and learning tool and our training plan

  • 1 to 1 coaching

  • 6 sessions after the consultation, 45-60 minutes per session

  • a phone call the week we don't see each other 

  • around 10 hours of training and coaching, between face to face and phone calls

  • Stooge dogs if required to work around distractions

  • Real life training

  • Weekly online check ins

  • Ongoing support via email or video critique via WhatsApp

  • Home school modules support via pdf and video for your learning

The cost of our Puppy Pocket Guide is £400, £33.3 per week

The initial consultation will be carried out by our Head Team Trainer Martina and then depending on your location one of the team will coach you through the rest of the program.

Book a Discovery call with me, following this link​

Puppy Classes

Why to choose a puppy class? It will give you the chance to work around other dogs and get the puppy used to distractions. It is a cheaper option then our Puppy Pocket Guide. We try our best to give you personal support during our classes, although you will share one hour with other 5 puppies.

What are you getting when you sign up for a puppy class with us?

As soon as you pay for you puppy class online you get your first lesson via email, and introduction VIDEO with all info on

  • how we are going to train your puppy

  • how dogs think and learn

  • which treats to use and how to manage food

  • socialisation

You also get a PDF on:

  • toilet training

  • grooming

  • how to handle nipping

  • socialization

  • a list of useful links for harnesses and toys you will see and hear about during your class

  • a homework and question chart for you to fill each after week

you get 6 weeks of classes in a group of 6 puppies.


The program will include

  • recall on and off lead and with distractions

  • settle on a mat to teach off switch

  • a lie down and a stay

  • impulse control training

  • puppy tricks training for relationship and focus

  • lead walking

  • how to play, leave and share a toy

Our venues for puppy classes are in St Helen's and Middlewich, although our St Helen's venue, Inglenook Farm is more active.

Puppy Classes run every 6 weeks. To learn more about upcoming classes, costs and all info you can log into our Bookwhen online booking system




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