Puppy Time!!

One of the most exciting things in life is choosing the puppy that is going to join your family forever!

How to choose the right breed and the right type of dog to make sure that your life is the right one and that you will not end up with a dog that is too difficult for you?

First things to consider is the size and the breed of the dog.

If you have an active life, you like spending a lot of time outside it doesn't matter the weather and maybe going hiking or running then make sure you get a dog that can keep up with it. Any working breed will be good for your life style, small or medium size dogs that have no problem exercising for hours!!

Some examples are: Collies, spaniels, Labrador, terrier and all the mix between these breeds.

If your life style is more quiet then I will suggest to avoid working breeds that need a lot of exercise and choose from companion breeds or small breeds that have less problem spending a bit more time sleeping or trotting around the garden, especially when in winter the weather is horrible and you are not very keen to spend lot of time outside!

ANY DOG need walks and exercises but as I said before some breeds require more then others.

Try not to choose a breed only because you see it in a movie or on a television spot! Make sure you investigate what characteristics that breed has, it might be good looking or looks like a wolf but NOT at all easy or right for you.

If you want to buy a puppy instead of a rescue one, that's fine. Don't buy from puppy farmers!

Find a good breeder or a nice private litter.

Some breeds need health checks as some genetic illness might be present, this is something very important to study before choosing where to buy a puppy.

Last but not least, don't forget that they are cute puppies for some month but they will be older dogs that need training and education. Talk to a good trainer and start classes or 1 to 1 lessons as soon as you can!

If you would like to discuss with me about what breed is best for you write me by email! I'm happy to help :)

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