Lambing and breed original use

One of the great things about my moving to the midlands and my self employed new life is being able to choose what to do and do only what I like, if I can!

I was asked if I had time to help in a farm during lambing and I didn't even have to think about it, YES!

I love farm life and I love sheep (I'm a collie in soul!), what does it have to do with dog training?

I strongly believe that understanding the breed original use is the first step towards the understanding of each singular dog and when I get my interest on a breed I need to find out and study what is their original breeding porpouse!

As I have two border collies and my young one Moss is a proper ISDS sheepdog, what is better then working with sheep to learn why a collie is bred and for what porpuse?

If you ever worked around sheep that are used to live ouside on the hills, you will realize how a prey animal mind works. Their only thoughts are food and escape, and when they decide to escape they try to find the way out no metter what and they will do it fast! Try to do the sheepdog job and you will learn why border collie are so fast, why they have to react to movement and how is it possible that they can ready so quickly what you are thinking even before you do it! It's good practice for you and good experience, especially if you have a border collie and want to try to train it for trials, but overall will give you a better understanding of the breed itself.

My next plan is to learn more about gundogs see how they work in the real job!

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