My Training Method

Training a dog means first building a relationship based on trust and mutual respect. I'm not a boss that dictate rules, I'm a companion and a "leader" that keeps everyone safe, make sure that everyone has best food, the right amunt of exercise, sense of security.

I true leader is the one that show the way, not the one that sits there and shout commands. Sometimes the term of "leader" has been confused and used in the wrong way. There is no dominance between dogs and humans. 

Dogs don't really wake up one morning and think: "I'm going to dominate that animal on two legs that feed me, plays with me, take me to run, gives me cuddle".. I'm sure you can now see how funny that looks from a dog point of view. 

Dogs like to feel safe, feel loved, feel approved, feel useful.


When you are training a dog your main concern should be: has my dog really understood what I'm asking? A dog that is not "doing how is told" is usually a dog that hasn't understand the task yet.

Motivation is a also a big THING in dog training. 

Each dog has different drives and you need to find out what is your dog drive in order to use it to create motivation! Don't assume that every dog has "people" as drive. Not every dog "loves" you just because you are his/her owner! :)

How can you use motivation in training? Using reinforcers!

Positive reinforcers are the one I use. I tell my dogs what is right and reward the behaviour I want them to repeat. If a behaviour is repeated many times and rewarded many time using the right motivator, my dogs will learn that behaviour fast and strong!

Dog behaviour and dog body language is also very important.

Dogs rarely lie and even if they dog, you can still tell what they are feeling if you know how to read them.

Understanding your dogemotions is the first step towards building a great relationship!

All of us like to have around people that understand us, support us, help us through our struggles. If you can give your dog that, you will be your dog hero, his/her point of strength in many situations. They will strust you and follow you because you are worth following.