Abigail (26/02/2005 - 28/02/2020)
She is my first dog, I knew I wanted a Border Collie but didn't know aynthing about the breed apart that they where working sheepdog and I used to see them during my holidays in the UK with my parents.
I found her litter and I was looking for a female... but I didn't like the one with the white face! (funny, that was her)
After an afternoon spent to look at the puppies she was the only one standing all the other were sleeping, she just looked into my eyes... and I knew she was meant to be with me!
She is my first dog ever, my obedience dog, my teacher, my companion during difficult moments, she traveled Europe with me, she is my balance and my help, my demo dog, my gentle stooge dog.
She is a special being!


Derry Moss (21/09/2010) 
He come five years after Abigail and he is the dog I waited for a long time!
He was bred by a good friend of mine in Italy, whose bitch I was in love and I always wanted a puppy from. His dad is a famous working sheepdog, Supreme Champion for the isds and his risemblance with him is tremendous.
He was a challange as a puppy, strong willed, stubborn and independent. I took me a while to win him over, he was completley different from Abigail and challenged me greatly.
Moss is now my pupil, my play mate, a strong and powerful dog in everything he does, very funny and very unique! He loves chatting and he likes to have the last word!
With him I train in Obedience, Agility and when we have the chance in sheepdog training as well.
He is enjoying new challanges of the British agility and hopefully we will be successful and will have a lot of fun!


Trust your Heart Jock (2/05/2016)

Jock is my first U.K. born dog. He is related to Moss, they share a dog that is one of my favourite Border Collie. He is Moss's nephew, out of a half sister to Moss.

Jock is my Scottish lad! 

He is the dog I dream of and more. He is gentle, willing to please, always motivated to work for you.

We are training for agility and herding, hoping to be good enough to trial one day. He will be ready to compete in agility as well.

He loves cuddles, food and toys. Everything is fun for him, his attitude towards life is always optimistic. A pleasure to have around!




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