Dog Obedience Training

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One to One​ Programs

It is hard to navigate all the information that you find out there about how to train your dog and what is the best path to follow, classes or personal 1-to-1 training?

There is no straight answer but each case will need individual consideration.

Basic obedience training is for young adults, adult rescue dogs and adult dogs that need more training and new skills.

What do we cover in our obedience dog training?

  • improving recall

  • lead walking

  • over excitement 

  • jumping up

  • barking for attention or frustration

  • chewing, digging, ruining furniture

  • basic training exercises (sit, down, stay)

  • tricks training (paw, roll over, sit pretty)

  • off lead walking next to the handler

  • improving attention and focus on the owner

Why choosing One to One training?

  • If you are looking to personalise your training program, teaching specific tasks and having a helping professional hand around yours and your dog's own environment

  • If your dog is proofing challenging to handle and keep under control, if it's a breed that will need more attention during the training process

  • If you need flexible training days as you cannot commit to a fixed time and day

  • if you value personal coaching 

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If your dog is experiencing behaviours like:

  • barking at people or dogs

  • pulling on the lead when seeing something

  • vocalising 

  • being nervous and shy

  • showing aggressive behaviours

  • resource guarding

  • chasing other animals

  • separation distress

We are looking at behaviour problems, we suggest to have a look at this page on the behaviour consultation and training