Border Collies Specialist Trainer

Border Collie stalking

Training Border Collies is my passion and my speciality.


Being a specialist Border Collie Trainer, I understand their brain and how they "work", making me successful in solving problems and helping you to avoid behaviour problems even before they come out. 

Often you hear people say: "Oh yes, it's just a collie" and that is because they have typical behaviours that are detected by their breeding selection and DNA that at times can transform in serious behaviour problems! 

If you are thinking of getting a Border Collie or you have one already and want to learn more, have a look at my blog post on What are Border Collies bred for?

Why to look for a Border Collie Specialist Trainer?

  • to avoid mistakes​ that are easy to make with the breed

  • to solve behaviour problems

  • because is the best way to grow your puppy to full potential

  • to give your rescue collie a chance to shine 

What behaviour problems are typical of the breed?

  • pulling on the lead

  • chasing cars

  • cashing animals

  • staring other dogs

  • nipping adults and kids

  • barking 

  • barking and spinning on the lead

These are al​l behaviour that can be avoided or retrained if you know how to and you allow your BC to have enough mental and physical stimulation.

"Border Collies are working dogs, they cannot be sofa dogs. They need time, training, exercise and need to be busy!"


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