Border Collie Puppy Training


                                             What are you struggling with right now?

  • the puppy is toileting in the house and not settling down in the crate

  • your puppy is chewing everything

  • you can't seem to find the off switch

  • recall is non existence

  • the puppy is distracted and doesn't listen outside

  • it's nipping and chasing the kids around the house

  • it's cashing the cats

  • it's bothering your other dog all the time with endless energies

Why training with a Border Collie Specialist Trainer?

  • to help you understand your puppy needs based on the breed attitude 

  • to prevent breed typical behaviours by knowing how to recognised the first signs

  • to train avoiding the dog developing car chasing, eye shadows chasing, movement chasing

  • to have a plant that will keep your Border Collie puppy entertained without the feeling of being overwhelmed 

  • to not worry about doing the right or wrong thing, having someone that plan your training at the best for you

  • to socialise a Border Collie the right way as over socialising and under-socialising can be both very damaging

  • to help you preventing leal pulling and lead reactivity

  • to give your dog a "job" so it doesn't destroy the house and the garden

Get in touch to book a phone call and discuss your puppy training with an expert 

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