Border Collie Puppy Guide

                                             What are you struggling with right now?

  • the puppy is toileting in the house and not settling down in the crate

  • your puppy is chewing everything

  • you can't seem to find the off switch

  • recall is non existence

  • the puppy is distracted and doesn't listen outside

  • it's nipping and chasing the kids around the house

  • it's cashing the cats

  • it's bothering your other dog all the time

What does Border Collie Puppy Guide Includes?

  • A first 90 minutes consultation online, where I will explain everything you need to know about puppy training, how dogs learn, what are the techniques and useful training tools needed for a successful learning journey

  • 3 months support, to allow your puppy and you to develop in your training journey in a longer time and support you during this time

  • 45 minutes One to One sessions

  • Weekly online check ins in between sessions

  • Ongoing support via email or video critique via WhatsApp for the duration of the 3 months

  • 24/7 support Monday to Friday

  • Home school modules support via pdf and video for your learning

  • PLUS videos of myself training my own puppy while I'm doing the same things I teach you!

The program will include:​

  • ​recall

  • lead Walking

  • how to stop nipping and jumping up

  • playing and retrieve

  • house training with and without the crate

  • useful tricks training for everyday life

  • how to play

  • fetch and retrieve

  • how to avoid Border Collie Typical Behaviour issues before they come out or if you have them already how to fix them.

  • basic self control and stays

You can get in touch before booking, send me a message to WhatsApp on 07706994439





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