Border Collie Puppy Guide

Limited for only 48h

 5 spaces

winter Online training offer

                                             What are you struggling with right now?

  • the puppy is toileting in the house and not settling down in the crate

  • your puppy is chewing everything

  • you can't seem to find the off switch

  • recall is non existence

  • the puppy is distracted and doesn't listen outside

  • it's nipping and chasing the kids around the house

  • it's cashing the cats

  • it's bothering your other dog all the time

You may not have any of these problems but you want to do some training and there are no classes at the moment or you prefer to be coached remotely or as 1 to 1.

What does our Limited Offer includes?

  • A first 90 minutes consultation online, where I will explain everything you need to know about puppy training, how dogs learn, what are the techniques and useful training tools needed for a successful learning journey

  • 3 months support, to allow your puppy and you to develop in your training journey in a longer time and support you during this time

  • after the initial consultation 6 online sessions, 45 minutes per session.

  • Weekly online check ins in between sessions

  • Ongoing support via email or video critique via WhatsApp for the duration of the 3 months

  • 24/7 support Monday to Friday

  • Home school modules support via pdf and video for your learning

  • Three months of working together (* there will be a break during Christmas/New Year)

  • PLUS videos of myself training my own puppy while I'm doing the same things I teach you!

The program will include:​

  • ​recall

  • lead Walking

  • how to stop nipping and jumping up

  • playing and retrieve

  • house training with and without the crate

  • useful tricks training for everyday life

  • how to play

  • fetch and retrieve

  • how to avoid Border Collie Typical Behaviour issues before they come out or if you have them already how to fix them.

  • basic self control and stays

The cost of the Border Collie Puppy Guide is £400, £33.30 per week

But only for the next 48h is going to be discount of 30% coming at £280, £23.30 per week 

You can get in touch before booking, send me a message to WhatsApp on 07706994439

Training will take place Monday to Friday, 9 am to 6 pm at the slot of your choosing!

Now it's time to grab this offer!!!

in order to take part on this offer, I'm going to ask you two favours in return:


  • that you write a review at the end of the program

  • that you allow me to share your training journey on Instagram and Facebook


The event will be live to book only on the 27th and 28th and I only have five spaces.

I will get in touch after you have booked to schedule your first call via zoom link!




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