Is your herding breed showing signs of chasing cars, stalking animals and other dogs, or reacting to fast movements?

Would you like to train with a specialist to better understand your Border Collie and avoid those common breed behaviours?

Perhaps you don't enjoy taking your dog on walks anymore because of how they behave.

You feel anxious and stressed because you’d like to help your dog but you don't know how.

People look at you on the streets like you’re responsible of your dog’s behaviour, but every day you struggle to keep it under control.

You can't stop that pulling, wanting to chase, barking, eye stalking, spinning on the lead and you have tried every possible harness or collar available.


                                                                 How can I help you?​

I can help you understand what's going on in your dog’s mind and why they can’t control themselves even when you tell them to stop.

I can help you get your walks back. So you feel confident and in control of the situation, knowing how to manage your dog.

I’ll support you through a well-planned program, with the support of face-to-face lessons and remote learning and regular support. I’ll be your trainer in your pocket, always there for you when you need me, as the only way to progress is with consistency. 

I use only positive, ethical and scientific up to date methods and techniques including Leslie McDevitt Control Unleashed program, being one of only four Certified Instructors in the UK.


                                                                        Who am I?



Hi, I’m Martina, owner and head trainer of Rolling Paws. I’ve owned Border Collies for 15 years and have trained them in every sport and activity available, including sheepdog training. 

My experience allows me to understand how a herding breed brain works and why reactivity and chasing behaviours are so common in dogs with this attitude and selection.

​I’ve owned a reactive Border Collie with a high prey drive, and it’s given me the opportunity to learn first-hand to manage Moss’s behaviour and help him live an easier life.

​I’ve been through the stress and anxiety of owning a reactive dog, and I understand the challenges you’re going through.


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